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What is an obituary?

An obituary is a funeral notice in which the death of a person is reported in the media. Normally, it is a rectangular note in black. Originally, an obituary was a “short letter” that was used to invite people to a meeting or tribute. Later, the term was used exclusively for notice a death of a person.

Funeral notices are commonly posted by relatives or close associates of the death. 

The traditional writing format commonly includes the following features: 

  • Gray or black border or box
  • Symbol of the religion to which the death person belonged
  • Name and Surname of the death person in bold and large type
  • Under the name, noble and / or academic title
  • Age of the person, place and date of death
  • Names of the people who give the communication
  • Date and time of the funeral and burial

The RAE has the following 3 definitions of obituaries “1. Short letter that used to be closed in an almost triangular shape before. 2. Paper or message on which quotes are given, invitations are made, or certain news is communicated to people, and which is usually printed or lithographed. 3. Notice of the death of a person, which is published in the newspapers with a mourning box, and where the date and place of the burial and funeral are usually indicated, as well as a list of people who communicate the unfortunate news.